Sacred Songs and Solos (SS&S)

Index to Subjects

Headings Sub-headings Hymns (SS&S)
God the Father1-23
Creation, Providence, and Redemption1-23
God the Son24-186
His Birth24-25
His Life and Love36-82
His Names and Titles83-112
His Humiliation, Resurrection, and Glory113-158
His Second Coming159-186
God the Holy Spirit187-202
His work and Office187-202
Public Worship203-352
Songs of Praise203-256
The Word of God257-269
The Lord’s Day270-276
The Lord’s Supper277-285
Evening and Closing Hymns286-302
Prayer-Meetings and Revival303-333
The Gospel353-499
Its Message353-368
Warning and Entreaty428-461
Response and Repentance462-499
The Christian Life500-906
Christian Fellowship500-512
Protection and Guidance513-568
Desires After Holiness569-589
Love, Joy and Peace643-668
Conflict and Victory (and Temperance Hymns)669-708
Comfort in Sorrow709-747
Service and Reward748-820
Songs of Pilgrimage821-840
Assurance and Testimony841-906
The Life to Come907-1046
Aspirations After Heaven907-927
Heaven Anticipated928-989
The Redeemed in Heaven990-1024
Death and Resurrection1025-1046
Special Occasions 1047-1065
New Year1047-1052
Seed-Time and Harvest1053-1060
Travellers by Land and Sea1061-1065
Christian Missions———————–1066-1090
Christian Endeavour———————–1091-1126
Hymns for Young People———————–1127-1167
Solos and Choir Pieces———————–1168-1198
National Hymns———————–1199-1200