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“He which converteth a sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death”. James 5:20.

It is a great privilege to save a human life. Every soul that has erred from truth is in the way of death and unless converted will perish forever. The darkness of eternal death will soon close in upon him. But if we arise and by the power of God convert that soul from the error of his way we will have saved a soul from death. One soul saved for eternal is worth a million lives unsaved. When the soul finally dies there is no hope beyond. IITim. 4:5, Mk. 9:45-48.

Every one of us. It is God of course in the last analysis who converts sinners and saved souls. But the text makes it very clear that He does this glorious work through us. There are those who claim that God will save those He wants to save without human efforts. This is not true. God saved no soul without us. The number of unsaved men on the earth to-day who will be saved depends entirely upon the faithfulness of those who are already saved. Eze. 33:7-8, Mk.16:15, Jn. 15:16.

a. First of all by prayer. The child of God has to pray that God should lead him to the person who is ripe for conversion. He should also pray that God should give him the power to put the word across for the saving of the soul. Rom. 10:1, Acts 10:9-16, Jn. 14:14.
b. By human effort or action. The child of God after prayer should take a bold step in approaching the sinner and tell him the good news. Remember to lead him direct to receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord. The Lord has promised to be with us always. Mtt. 28:20.
c. By training. We must train for the work in order to do the best work. Every line of job needs special training and that of soul winning is not exceptional.
d. The assistance from the Holy Spirit. The child of God must seek and obtain God’s power. Acts 1:8, Lk. 11:13, Acts 2:39, 5:32. Every man and woman here can have the power of the Holy Spirit. Give yourself wholly to God. Ask, believe, claim and go to work with the Holy Ghost assistance.
e. The lively testimony of our experience. We can convert sinners and so save their souls by giving our testimony of what the Lord has done for us. Acts 12:17.
f. By the use of good tracts and books. In a situation where one dose not want to speak much, the written flyers and booklets can speak extensively the goodness of Jesus Christ. Acts. 1:1.
g. There is adequate reward for soul winning. Our eternal reward depends upon our earthiness and untiring activity in soul winning. Dan. 12:3. Every new won is a new jewel in our saviours crown and a new jewel in our crown.

Conclusion: Every Christian should work with all his might for the salvation of the lost. There is something seriously wrong with any professional Christian who is not working constantly and working hard to get men to forsake sin and to accept Jesus. One of the most important marks of a true Christian experience is an earnest desire to see others saved, and constant efforts to that end. Lk. 19:10.