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The importance of Educating the youth in our today’s society can be over-emphasized. The great changes in the field of education this time in all countries of the world have made the need for youth education mandatory. In the earliest days, education in most parts of the world was largely been associated with missions and churches. It is a fact that in the past one hundred years almost everyone with an education in the world had one time or another, attended a Christian School (Schools owned by churches). Today, great changes have come very rapidly in the last few years. The supervision of schools has passed from the hands of missionaries into secularity. Recently; the schools have come to be owned by the government as state schools.

In a society made up of people of various religions all of whom pay taxes which go in part, for the support of the schools, no particular religion ought to be stressed. This process of secularization means that the schools in most parts of the world will not continue to be educating people religiously. Well then, we should educate our youths and build them up against future eventualities. This will be the duty of parents, guardians, leaders, etc.