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See tomorrow

We see the future through our minds. Our dreams are like softwares, we can’t touch or feel, but can see them in our minds. The good news in it is that we can convert our dreams (softwares) to hardwares that we can touch or feel.

Sometimes our dreams would flash our minds and if we don’t give it time before execution, we discover our true dreams after making the wrong choice (dream). This sometimes delays us from getting to our destination. As for me, it is not too late to start the foundation of your true dream from the scratch. The beginning doesn’t matter that much but the end does… Most-times, we don’t think about the process, we spend our time thinking about The Dream itself that is why we make wrong choices… But a true dreamer will always be ready to start a new path after making wrong choices.

It is the risk we take to make our true dreams come true that really pays…!