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Seraphim (pronounced ser-uh-feem – appeared in The 24 Elders) are the strongest male creatures among the creatures of Ahavah, led by Rosh-Seraph; who most times stay with the 24 Elders, as commanded by the creator; Ahavah. They are made of fire in their beastly form. They are twelve thousand in number. In their natural form, they have a slightly glowing pure-white skin. They are all males and none of them looks like a woman. In addition, they were the third created creatures/intelligence by Ahavah after the CherubimHowever, the Seraphim can turn themselves into anything; they can appear like a man without wings as well. A Seraph has the face and body of a human-man with six wings (in their beastly form); three on the right and three on the left. Their major purpose is to hold and reduce the destructive strength in Ahavah’s presence. When the Seraphim stand in the way of Ahavah’s light, through which he relates with his creatures, the destructive power in his light is affected and reduced by 95%. They glorify Ahavah endlessly and since they are the closest creatures to Ahavah, they are not in their freewill. They only respond to the commands of the Elders as commanded by the creator (Ahavah). Secondly, these creatures are not visible to an Archangel or AngelThey are only visible to Ahavah, Cherubim, and the 24 Elders. They live in Qadosh-Ammud.