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Shamayim’s Laws

These are the laws that govern all the Archangels and Angels in Shamayim, made by the 24 Elders at the birth of the Archangels in Ab-Olam (appeared in The 24 Elders). They are as follows:
• Thou shall love Holy Father; your Creator, for eternity.
• Thou shall never Question Holy Father’s command and that of the Elders.
• Thou shall obey them that have the rule over you.
• If thou envy; Thou shall not act out of envy.
• If thou be angry; Thou shall not act out of Anger.
• Thou shall Praise Holy Father; your Creator, at the given time with no excuse.
• Thou shall humble yourself always.
• Thou shall not lie nor make yourself a god.
• Thou shall not practice wickedness.
• Thou must do all that is in the law.
• If thou be found guilty, thou must face punishment in good fate. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!