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Shamayim’s Musical Instruments

There are numerous number of musical instruments in Shamayim (appeared in The 24 Elders); known and unknown instruments that cut across all kinds of musical instruments, like the Strings, Percussion and Wind; including the mouth organ, pipe organ and piano. The pipe organ in Shamayim has up to twelve-octave keyboards, twelve manuals, and three twelve-keys-manual-pedal. This pipe organ is positioned at Mizbeach-Halal and is performed by angels from the clan of Selaphiel. The player of this organ can stretch his/her hand flexibly towards a distant manual and keys without moving from a spot. Sometimes, the player of this organ walks on the organ while its keys automatically play by the player’s intuition. Amdusias was the first angel to play this organ at Mizbeach-Halal in Before the Fall.