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Shrink, Kill and Washout Cancer Cells from Your Body with these Herbs – do it yourself (DIY)

Items Needed

1. Carrots > 50 grams

2. Garlic > 20 grams

3. Turmeric > 10 grams

4. Bitter leaves > Desired Quantity (Not much: take between 3 to 5 leaves)

5. Ginger                > 7 sticks or 15 grams

6. Onions                > Three 4cm sized onions (use only 2 if the onions are too big)

7. Avocado leaves > Handful (moderate quantity)


Step 1. Peel and wash dirts from the body of the above items. Make sure they’re clean.

Step 2. Slice them into a pot of water (let the quantity of water be moderate).

Step 3. Put the pot on fire for just 3 to 5 minutes depending on your heat source (Note: do not allow it to boil or overheat, let it steam).

Step 4. Take it off the fire once it steams.

Step 5. Keep it and allow to cool.

Step 6. Grind everything with a blender.

Step 7. After blending, sieve/filter the liquids into a container to form a juice (You can store and use the residue/particles as spice for your food).

Step 8. Take a 10cl quantity of the juice once daily.

Mode of storage: Refrigerator

Before you take the next dose, take it out of the refrigerator and make sure you warm the liquid to a favourable temperature (not too hot or cold) before drinking.

Run a cancer test after three months to see how the cancer is shrinking. Continue until you are declared cancer free. You can take this herb together with any medication your doctor has prescribed for you to hasten the process.