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TEXT: “He that winneth Soul is wise” Proverbs 11:30 (KJV)


Soul winning is a definite effort to lead a definite person to accept a definite Saviour at a definite time.

A soul winner is one who deals individually and personally with souls. Some Preachers and Missionaries often get so busy with meetings and classes that they forget the private touch of personal soul winning.

Few are called to be Professional preachers but every born again child of God is called to be a Soul winner. During the day of Pentecost, the Christians were One-hundred-and-twenty (120) in number, and when the Holy Spirit came upon them at the upper Room, the One-hundred-and-twenty members preached Jesus personally in Jerusalem (which yielded a positive result). Acts 2:1-8.


1. The worth of a soul – we may be the only one who can make an impression on that particular soul, and his soul is more than the entire world. Mark 8:35-38.

2. The fact of Hell – if we truly believed that souls were for a lost eternity of hell fire, brimstone, torture, blackness, anguish and pain forever, we would surely do all in our power to persuade men to turn from sin to Jesus Christ. Mark 9:47-48.

3. The suffering of Christ on the cross – because of the suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross for each sinner, every true believer must labour for soul winning. Isaiah 53:3-9, John 19:16-42.

4. The emptiness, folly and vanity of this world – in Christ Jesus we have found something positive and enduring to present to the inhabitants of the earth. John 3:36.

5. The glories of heaven should drive soul winners on to save others. John 14:1-3, Revelation 21:4-7.

6. Personal rewards that is offered to faithful Soul winners. Daniel 12:2-3.


Finally, God wants every true believer to be a soul-winner, especially servants of God should be able to train the members of the church and carry them out for soul winning. We can follow the example of Jesus Christ in Luke 10.

by E.T. Dodoh.