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“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, but he that winneth souls is wise”. Prov. 11:20.

1. Souls winning is the work Christ has appointed us to do. Matt. 28:19, Mk. 16:15.
2. It was the business of life with Jesus Christ and by making it the business of our lives we are following Him. Lk. 19:10, Jn. 9:4.
3. Souls winning is the work we shall enjoy the unspeakable privilege of Christ presence. Mtt. 28:20.
4. It is the work for which the gift of the Holy Spirit is bestowed and in which we enjoy the fullness of the spirit’s power. Acts 1:8.

5. Souls winning is the work that produces the most beneficent results. James 5:20. It saves souls from death. Three things here to notice.
a. The value of that which is saved, a soul. Mk. 8:36.
b. The second thing to notice is the awfulness of that from which the soul is saved, “from death”. Rom. 6:23.
c. That to which the soul is saved.
i. To happiness.
ii. To holiness.
iii. To glory.
iv. To fellowship, and likeness to God.

6. It is the work that brings the largest and most enduring reward. Jn. 4:36, Dan. 12:3.

Conclusion: let every wise child of God, make soul-winning the great business of life as Jesus did. One has said, “As God gives me health by consecrated living, by earnest and unceasing praying, by unwearied working, I will do what lies in me rescue the perishing”.