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“Therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word”. Acts 8:4.

“They that were scattered abroad,” i.e the rank and file of the church. Acts 8:1. All the members of the church – officers and members were seriously involved in carrying out the good news to the dying world. The failure of the modern church today is that they allow or abandon the work of Evangelism to the pastor alone.

“Preaching the word”… in other words, telling the good news to the dying world. Today the church can plan multiple programmes within the church but they will never include the preaching of the word outside the church – wall. It was the word that God used to create the universe and in essence every child of God must be born by the word to qualify for heaven. IPet. 1:23.


a. First of all they preached the word of God because they themselves believe it. IICor. 4:13. The true fact is that anyone who really believe must be compelled inwardly to share the good news with others.
b. They were convinced that people outside Christ were perishing. For the great fact they any little time wasted people are trooping into hell without the knowledge of Christ. John 3:36. And that one ought to know that God shall request their blood from church members who fail their obligation to preach the word to unbelievers. Eze. 33:8.
c. Because they had themselves been blessed by the word and do not want to keep it to themselves alone.
d. Also it is the great command from the great Master. The believers who fail to preach the gospel to the sinners are disobeying the command from the Master. Matt. 28:19.

They preached “everywhere”. The scriptural injunction was to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mk. 16:15. Another great secret to be known is that any man or woman around us who never know Jesus as Saviour is in the lost world and need the gospel from our mouth.

Conclusion: It is God’s will today that we should imitate people of the first century A.D, by going out everywhere and proclaim the good news. Jn. 15:16. And we should do it with all enthusiasm to get the result.