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SS & S 1168

Careless soul, thy Saviour sees thee:
Don’t hold back!
Yearns till from thy thrall He frees thee:
Don’t hold back!
Sin, long cherished, claims and shames thee,
When aroused, thy conscience blames thee,
Thou art lost till Christ reclaims thee;
Don’t hold back!

Anxious soul, thy Saviour know thee:
Should temptation still oppose thee:
Death, delayed, will soon o’ertake thee.
Then, when earthly friends forsake thee.
None but Christ to heaven can take thee;
Don’t hold back!

Stricken soul, thy Saviour calls thee:
Though my guilty fear appals thee;
Now the Lord of life has found thee.
He will break the chains that bound thee
With the arms of love surround thee;
Don’t hold back!

Pardoned soul, thy Saviour woos thee;
In His service He would use thee;
Though the host of hell assail thee,
His protection ne’er shall fail thee,
Till as victor heaven shall hail thee;
Don’t hold back!

Ransomed soul, thy Saviour heeds thee;
When to pastures green He leads thee;
Onward, upward, He will guide thee.
Every needful good provide thee,
Keeping ever close beside thee;
Don’t hold back!

Gracious soul, thy Saviour owns thee;
Till, triumphant, He enthrones thee:
Death’s dark stream may lie before thee.
Angel guards are watching o’er thee;
Loved ones, glorified, call for thee;
Don’t hold back!

Happy soul, thy Saviour loves thee,
And when He in mercy proves thee;
He to save and sanctify thee
Grace for grace will not deny thee;
When He comes to glorify thee.
Don’t hold back!