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SS & S 364

Is there a sinner awaiting
Mercy and pardon to-day?
Welcome the news that we bring him:
“Jesus is passing this way!”
Coming in love and in mercy,
Pardon and peace to bestow,
Coming to save the poor sinner
From His heart-anguish and woe.

Jesus is passing this way . . .
To-day, . . to-day; . . .
While He is near, O believe Him,
Open your heart to receive Him,
For Jesus is passing this way, . .
Is passing this way to-day.

Brother, the Master is waiting,
Waiting to freely forgive;
Why not this moment accept Him,
Trust in His grace and live?
He is so tender and precious,
He is so near you to-day;
Open your heart to receive Him,
While He is passing this way.

Yes, He is coming to bless you
While in contrition you bow:
Coming from sin to redeem you,
Ready to save you now:
Can you refuse the salvation
Jesus is offering here?
Open your heart to admit Him,
While He is coming so near.