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SS & S 446

‘Tis the Saviour who would claim
Entrance to your heart:
Will you send your Lord away?
Will you say –“Depart!”?
He will all your trials share,
He will cleanse you from all sin.

‘Tis your Saviour,’tis your Saviour standing there:
Haste, and let Him in! let Him in!
Lest He turn away, let Him in!

No one like the Saviour knocks
At the sinner’s door;
‘Tis no stranger that implores,
He has knocked before;
He has often sought your heart:
Shall He cleanse it now from sin?

Oh, how can you bid Him wait
Till another day,
When already Jesus weeps
At the long delay?
‘Twas for you that Jesus died,
And ‘tis for you He longs to win.