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SS & S 596

Anywhere, my Saviour, lead my willing feet,
Only let me clasp Thy hand, feel Thy presence sweet;
Thorns may pierce and snares beset, I will follow Thee
Anywhere, my Saviour, if Thou leadest me.

Any- – -where, my blessed Saviour,
I will follow Thee, I will follow Thee;
Any – – – where, my blessed Saviour,
If Thou leadest me . . .  

Anywhere, my Saviour, only on me smile;
Strength, guard, and comfort me, let not sin beguile;
Dark and toilsome though my way, I will not fear,
Anywhere, my saviour, if Thy presence cheer.

Anywhere, my Saviour, only this I pray,
Keep me in the narrow path, never let me stray;
Sin may plead with siren voice, help me answer, Nay,
Kept by Thee, my Saviour, I will hold my way.