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SS & S 614

When I came to Jesus, then my heart was sad;
But when He received me, then He made me glad.
Freely He forgave me, met my spirit’s need;
Then He bade me follow whither He would lead.

I will follow Jesus, follow all the day;
Walking in His footsteps closely all the way.

Oft in hours of trial I have gone astray,
Into worldly bypaths from the narrow way;
But my Saviour sought me, brought me to His side;
Then again I followed Christ, the Crucified.

But I would not wander, gracious Lord, from Thee;
I would follow wholly, with true loyalty:
Every sin forsaking from my inmost soul;
Every thought surrendered to Thy grand control.

Teach me by Thy Spirit, and Thy Holy Word,
How I best suffer, and obey Thee Lord;
And however painful to obey may be,
Love can make it gladsome, aye to follow Thee.