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SS & S 838

Children of the heavenly King,
As we journey let us sing;
Sing our Saviour’s worthy praise,
Glorious in His works and ways.

We are trav- – -lling home to God, . .
In the way . . . our fathers trod, . . .
They are hap- – -py now, and we . . .
Soon their happiness shall see.

Lift your eyes, ye sons of light-
Zion’s city is in sight;
There our endless home shall be,
There our Lord we soon shall see.

Fear not, brethren!Joyful stand
On the borders of our land!
Jesus Christ, our Father’s Son,
Bids us undismayed go on.

Lord, obediently we’ll go,
Gladly leaving all below;
Only Thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow Thee.