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Thanatology – Dying and Life After Death

Polemics is the theological investigation of the controversial disputations concerning the state of man’s soul after death, and his ultimate salvation or damnation.

It embraces the study of certain scriptural terms such as; “hell”, “grave”, “eternity”, “judgment”, “spirit of man”, “soul”, “immortality”, “heaven”, “paradise” etc.

The question asked by Job, “Man dieth…and where is he?” is one which has been asked by multitudes, and in many cases without a satisfactory answer. The answer to this question has been a matter of intrigue to man since his existence began.

There are a number of other related questions, such as; What is man’s final destiny? Does the real personality survive at death or does man become non-existant? Is he conscious? Is communication possible from the dead? Is separation from loved ones forever? Is there an intermediate state of purging?

We have a responsibility to rightly divide the word of truth and in so doing; refute and protect from the erroneous teaching of such.

– The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventist idea of SOUL SLEEP.
– The Spiritist idea of CALLING UP THE DEAD.
– The Roman Catholic idea of PURGATORY.

God has not left us without answers to these many questions. In fact God’ s Word is the only accurate and trustworthy source of information concerning life after death. In the scriptures God has not only revealed the origin and nature of man, but also his destiny. The Bible then will be the sole yardstick by which we will measure the views of erroneous teaching (cf. Isaiah 8:20) and sole basis for instruction for faith.

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