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The 24 Elders

The 24 Elders (appeared in The 24 Elders) are the highest authorities in Ab-Olam after Ahavah, seconded by the Archangels. Their decisions affect all the creations of Ahavah, and Shafat leads them. The 24 Elders are the only beings with freewill that are not under any law. Ahavah made them in such a way that naturally they will humble themselves before him (Ahavah). They were the first living creatures/intelligence having a human-like appearance in Ab-Olam, and are all males; none of them looks like a woman. In their natural state, their skins are pure-white (like a snow) and have no glowing effect. However, unlike other creatures of Ahavah, the 24 Elders have no wings or any form of beastly nature like the Archangels, Cherubim and Seraphim. They only have one natural appearance, which is the one they were created. The 24 Elders live in Meltsar; the second level/part of Ab-Panim, in between Gibbor and Lebab, directly above Shamayim. The members of the 24 Elders include: Shafat (leader), Tsalach, Tub, Chesed, Shalom, Simchah, Anah, Yashar, Tahor, Tiqvah, Hupomone, Koach, Qara, Hadar, Berakah, Yakach, Amats, Chen, Osher, Aman, Emunah, Tipharah, Gadol and Geburah.