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The Dazzling Child

Even Time Tale

Once upon a time, there lived Mr and Mrs Nenkai in the Southern part of West Africa. They lived happily with two brilliant female daughters Kilsi (4-year-old girl) and Leesi (2-year-old girl), though they were not rich, they were happy. Three months later, Mrs Nenkai became pregnant and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on September 10 (though the child lived in his mother’s womb for 12 months), Mr Nenkai was very happy for having a male child. Friends visited them and everyone who visited them gave them a gift that their house was occupied with so many properties, which they sold and became very rich. Therefore, Mr Nenkai named the baby; Popnen.

Mr Nenkai was able to pay all his debts and bought a four Bedroom flat in the middle of the city. One room was for Mr and Mrs Nenkai, one for Kilsi, one for Leesi and one for Popnen. He bought a land and invested his wealth by establishing a poultry farm.

So many celebrations were made for the birth of Popnen and all his birthdays were excellently celebrated. Mr and Mrs Nenkai gave all they had to Popnen because his birth changed their story for good.

Popnen started going to school at the age of five and began to learn faster than his colleagues were. He read newspapers, magazines, stories and any type of book he came across in his school library. Every time Popnen is seen, he’s either reading or holding a book in his hands. At the age of Ten, Popnen became creative and brilliant that his two sisters became very proud of him because he was their only brother.


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