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The eternal doom of the finally impenitent

Eternal punishment is one of the most solemn themes dealt with in the scripture. The teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostles is most clear, emphatic and final-the eternal doom of the finally impenitent. The great facts that emerge from the New Testament teaching concerning this subject are:-

a. That the finally impenitent on earth have no hope of eternal life. Matt. 25:41-46; Mark 9:43-48; Rev. 20:12-15.
b. That the soul of man can never and will never cease to exist. (Scriptural references to death of soul signify eternal separation from God. Luke 20:35-36; Acts 24:15; Rev. 14:10-11).
c. That the punishment is eternal and also irrevocable, there is no hope beyond the grave. Mark 9:45-46; Rev. 19:20; 21:8.