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The First Creation (1)


Ahavah exhales through his mouth. A white vapour like smoke comes out of him.


(to the vapour/smoke)
Become round and grow forever.
(the white vapour becomes round and starts to expand)
You shall live forever, in you shall I make all things, and in you shall I live until my Son is back.

The white vapour expands bigger than Ahavah. He enters into the round expanding white vapour.


(looks at the wall of the round expanding white vapour)
You are my home and in you shall my Son and I, sit on THE THRONE. Let my glory forever stay here.
(the whole place glows and the wall of the expanding white vapour gleams, as his body becomes the source of its light. Then the wall of the expanding white vapour becomes thicker)
I name you AB-OLAM; My home.

//Ahavah’s light, which causes the body of all other universes to illuminate light, becomes the DAY//



(widen his hands)
Ab-Olam, give birth to fourteen universes of your kind that shall continue to live same as you are.

Fourteen rounded kinds of Ab-Olam of different sizes extracts from the wall of Ab-Olam, set themselves in the right positions inside Ab-Olam, and begin to spin and expand like Ab-Olam.


(removes one of his fingernails (it grows back), and it becomes a six-sided rock)
I name you Time Rock.
(points at the biggest universe)
I name you SHAMAYIM. Out of you shall I receive honour and praises forever.
(places Time Rock beside Shamayim)
Time Rock, you shall revolve around Shamayim, and shall be responsible for time in my entire kingdom.
(looks at other universes)
The rest of you shall stay under Shamayim.
(points at a universe)
(smiles and looks at two universes that are identical, except that one is brighter than the other)
You shall be an eye to the future. I name the both of you MACHAR.
(points at the brighter Machar)
You shall be MACHAR-NOGAH. You will reveal a bright future.
(points at the less Bright Machar)
You shall be MACHAR-ARAPHEL. You will reveal a dark future.
(points at a universe)
I name you GAN-EDEN.
(touches a universe)
I name you RAHAH-KOL. You shall expose all hidden secrets.
(looks at a universe)
As you are directly under Olam-Chuphshah, I name you TEHOM; You shall be a prison to disobedience.
(points at a universe and moves closer to it.)
NAVAH-BAYITH is your name.
(moves to another universe, touches his head with his right hand and touches the universe with his left hand)
I name you OLAM-MACHASHEBETH; you shall reveal great success.
(faces the universe directly in front of him)
(looks at a universe)
OLAM-ZAKU; a place for infants.
(points at a universe)
You will be OLAM-CHALAM; the place of dreams and home of memories.
(faces the middle universe)
I name you SHAHAR; the Gate to all other universes. Nevertheless, all the universes shall have a link to each other.
(enters into Shahar)



(Clouds of dust come out of his eyes. These clouds of dust become three doors at the centre of Shahar)
Only through these doors shall all creatures enter into Shamayim.
(disappears from Shahar)



(appears and looks at the last universe beneath all other universes)
I will name you later.
(grasps some of his hairs and pulls them out, and immediately, another one grows there. He then cut a piece of his apparel and his apparel grows back. He joins the hairs and piece of apparel together and leaves them in the air)
Become a Throne.

The hairs and piece of cloth turn into a very big and beautiful pyramid-shaped seat with four armrests. It is flexible and has seven symbols of five-sided stars; it can bend without breaking. He places a symbol of love on it and two four-sided-star shaped crystal light beneath it (under the footrest). He divides the Throne into two; a smaller one and a big one in one pyramid; joined by one of the seven five-sided-star shaped crystal light.

The Throne

Ahavah sits on his throne in the middle of all the universes. His glory covers the Throne that the Throne starts to illuminate light automatically.


(points at the smaller seat on his right in the Throne)
My Son will sit on my right hand in his glory and rule my creation forever.
(spread his arms)
My dear THRONE set yourself above Shamayim.
(to Shamayim)
I will create a place for the authorities that will be above you, while my Throne will be above all things.
(cuts part of his apparel (It grows back). He blows air on it)
Become a six-sided-star space.

The piece of his garment expands and turns into a six-sided-star universe in shape. Ahavah’s Throne is directly on the tip of the six-sided-star universe.


I name you Ab-Panim; in you shall authorities reside. You will prevent my creatures from destruction in my presence.

Light from Ahavah’s Throne shines on all the universes. All the body of the universes starts to illuminate light from the light of Ahavah’s Throne. He looks at the beautiful movements of his creation and opens wide his hands while sitting on the Throne.


Life is Good. My Glory shall shine over all the worlds I’ve created.
(starts to sing)


Happy, happy home,
I am happy! I am home!


Ahavah moves towards the universe beneath all other universes (the unnamed universe), then disappears from Ab-Olam and appears in the universe.

The universe starts becoming hot and vibrates at his presence. Convulsively, Ahavah vomits fire and looks at the fire as it goes down to the bottom of the universe.



The fire falls at the bottom of the universe, swells and fills to the half of the universe.


(steps upon the ocean of fire and walks on it)
I name you YAM-ESH.

Ahavah flies as the ocean of fire swells. A hair falls from his head into the ocean of fire. Suddenly, the ocean of fire vibrates and moves in currents forming waves. He turns around and looks into the fire.


(sees a triangular bright light beneath the fire)
(flies into the fire, grasps the triangular bright light, and flies to the surface of the fire while his feet is still in the fire (the fire cannot hurt him)
Become round.
(the triangular bright light turns into a ball-like light. He looks at it.)
I was about to make you, but because you came out before I pronounce you, I name you BOQER. I know other beings are also eager to exist like you but their humbleness subdues them. You took a chance and I have blessed you.
(lifts it in the air and leaves it. Boqer hangs in the air above his shoulder)
Follow me.

Ahavah flies out of Yam-Esh and Boqer follow him on his shoulder. He sits on his throne in Ab-Olam.

Ab-Olam spins and expands slowly. All the universes in Ab-Olam spin and expand slowly as well.

As they spin, they all revolve around Shahar except Shamayim; which is directly above Shahar and Yam-Esh; which is directly below Shahar; they (Shamayim, Shahar and Yam-Esh) spin and expand at a spot.

Position of the Universes

Ahavah’s Kingdom

All the universes have a link to one another and to Shahar except Shamayim; which only have one link to Shahar alone. All the bodies of the universes illuminate light as well.

Boqer gradually moves to the smaller seat beside Ahavah on his throne.


(holds Boqer)
Oh no! That’s for my Son.
(faces Gan-Eden and disappears)



(appears (in Gan-Eden) and Boqer is on his shoulder. He expands his hands)
My glory shall become light for this place forever.
(spits unto his palm, cut off one of his fingernails with his teeth (it grows back very fast) and pulls out his hairs (which grows back very fast as well). He then uses his mouth to blow flames on his saliva, hairs, and fingernail in his hand. His Hairs, Fingernail, and saliva become a BURNING CORE; the first core. He speaks to the core)
(the core multiplies into different sizes and colours of cores)
Haha! I bless you all.

Ahavah takes one of the cores with him, disappears from Gan-Eden, and appears on his throne in Ab-Olam with the core in his hand. Boqer is on his shoulder.

He spits unto the core, pulls out a hair from his head, blows fire unto the pulled hair, and drops it unto the core. Then a sky forms around the core, lands form on the core, forests and oceans form, and it becomes a planet. He touches the sky of the planet and it becomes blue.