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The First Creation (2)




(disappears from Ab-Olam, appears in Gan-Eden, and places the designed planet in space at the centre of Gan-Eden. He speaks to other cores)
Become like this.
(all the cores in Gan-Eden becomes exactly like the designed planet)
I name you MAUZ; a place of peace, joy, laughter, merriment and everlasting happiness for righteous souls.
(disappears from Gan-Eden, appears on his throne in Ab-Olam, holds Boqer with his right hand and disappear from his Throne. He appears in Olam-Chuphshah)
Boqer, show me your beauty by multiplying.

Boqer spins very fast and multiplies all over Olam-Chuphshah universe; about Seven Trillion Stars.


Because my glory shines on the walls of this universe, there will be no heat to hurt or destroy my creatures that will live here.
(at the centre of Olam-Chuphshah, he cuts a piece of his hair, moist it with his saliva, and blows fire from his mouth on it. It becomes a core. He places it at the centre of the universe. Then blows vapours from his mouth on it, a sky covers the core, and it becomes a planet without land and water. He speaks to the planet)
(Immediately, the planet multiplies into bigger and smaller planets and in different colours. He speaks to the planets)
Spread yourselves away from each other and stay around the stars.

All the planets start moving away from each other. Eight planets move to a star and revolve around it, Seven planets move to another star, twelve planets move to double stars, etc.

Ahavah then disappears from Olam-Chuphshah, appears in Gan-Eden, reduces himself in size and enters into Mauz; the first Planet he created in Gan-Eden.

In Mauz, there is a very big rock in front of Ahavah. He breaks the rock with his right hand, carries it, and throws it into the air.

The rock disappears from Gan-Eden, appears in Olam-Chuphshah, and hangs in space.

Ahavah grows bigger, disappears from Mauz in Gan-Eden, and appears in Olam-Chuphshah. He holds the rock with his hand, squeezes it, and the rock breaks into pieces.


(to the rock)
(the Rock multiplies)
Set yourselves in the planets of your reach.
(rocks move in high speed and fall in planets. In a red planet, rocks fall from its sky)
Form lands in the planets you have falling.
(in the red planet, rocks falls on core and breaks to very small fragments. All planets are about to be full with rocks)
(all the moving rocks that are still outside the planets but in Olam-Chuphshah stop falling into planets)
The rest of you without any planet, stay out here with the planets.
(plucks out a tooth from his mouth, it grows back immediately. He massage the tooth and it becomes round in shape)
You shall be a Moon to these planets. Now, Multiply.
(moon multiplies)
Go to any planet of your choice and serve it. Your duty is to beautify each planets with your beauty.
(moons move to the side of planets. He stretches his right hand, spit on it and water comes out of his palm)
Multiply and settle in any planet of your choice.
(water multiplies and move towards planets)
(looks around as water spreads and falls into the planets)
Very Good!
(moves to the planet he set at the middle of Olam-Chuphshah)
I name you Earth. Let plants of different kind grow on the lands.
(disappears from Olam-Chuphshah and appears on his throne in Ab-Olam. Boqer appears on his shoulder)
Boqer, I love you. It is time to develop my creation.



(flies towards Olam-Chalam, and enters into the universe. He spits into the universe and his saliva falls to the bottom of the universe and disperses widely)
My precious saliva; the water of life, multiply and become an ocean of water.
(saliva swells, multiplies and becomes a mighty ocean)
Life here shall capture memories and events forever.
(disappears from Olam-Chalam and appears in Tehom. Tehom automatically has a gravitational force. The gravitational force in Tehom pulls him a little bit downward. He smiles)
Because you have used your nature on me, and you really love your nature by showing me a sign, I increase your force of gravity in hundred folds. No creature without my permission can escape your grip. You are smart and I am very happy for you.
(disappears from Tehom and appears in Olam-Zaku. He hits his stomach with his right hand and a vapour comes out of his mouth. He spits on the vapour and it turns into a womb-like matter. He speaks to the womb-like matter)
(that Womb-like matter multiplies and almost fills up the entire Olam-Zaku. He then breaths and it disperse all over the womb-like matter. All the womb-like matter becomes strong and glows. He speaks to the womb-like matter)
In you shall souls come first. My breath shall bring life and strength to you and you shall give birth to life in the future.
(disappears from Olam-Zaku and appears in Olam-Chokmah. Olam-Chokmah is a very quiet, calm and cool place. It impresses him)
Wow! I love this place. Such a place of peace.
(raises his right hand. Dust of lights appear all over the universe and start moving about)
Any of my creatures who seek for wisdom; you shall bless them with great wisdom.



(disappears from Olam-Chokmah and appears in Olam-Machashebeth)
(immediately, the whole place becomes white and starts pouring snows)
You shall provide all my creatures with great Ideas.

Ahavah flies out of Olam-Machashebeth and appears in Navah-Bayith. He cut the top part of his garment and it grows back immediately. He then breaths on it and it becomes a very beautiful smooth floor. Immediately, the whole universe becomes gold. Then mansions and very beautiful buildings appear.


I bless you. You do not need a planet; My glory shall be your light. You shall live forever. I will live in you when I become who I am.



(disappears from Navah-Bayith and appears in Machar-Nogah)
In you and your peer shall the future be seen.
(opens his two palms)
Olam-Chalam shed some of your waters here.

Then water moves into the air at Olam-Chalam and disappears. The water from Olam-Chalam then appears on the palms of Ahavah at Machar-Nogah and falls onto the bottom of the universe (Machar-Nogah). He cuts part of his hair and clothes (they grow back), covers it with his hand, and blows air on it, and it turns to a refractive object.


(to the refractive object)
You shall be the Moon here.
(the whole universe fills with moons. He then disappears from Machar-Nogah and appears in Machar-Araphel)
Become exactly like your brother.
(water and Moons appear at the bottom of the universe (Machar-Araphel) and fills the whole place)



(flies out of Machar-Araphel and appears in Rahah-Kol and the universe (Rahah-Kol) starts to become icy like snow. He nods)
No corrupt creature can keep any secret from you. You shall reveal evil and good of any being, and keep histories forever.
(cuts a piece of his garment, touches it with his tongue and it becomes a glowing round mat of light (the flying mat is in the shape of a circle). He speaks to the mat)
(the mat multiplies and fills the whole place. He nods as he looks around)
Once a creature steps on one of these mats,
(to the universe; Rahah-Kol)
You will perform your duty.



(disappears from Rahah-Kol and appears in Shamayim. Then white clouds of dust come out of his eyes. The clouds of dust divide Shamayim into thirteen places. The middle of Shamayim is in the shape of a pyramid)
I name you Territory.
(points at the biggest Territory)
I name you Mizbeach-Halal. All my creatures shall feel my presence and enjoy it here, and here shall all manner of entertainment be done for my glory and for a means of peace and love among my creatures forever.
(looks up)
Mizbeach-Halal set yourself above all other Territories.

Mizbeach-Halal moves to the top of other Territories but still in Shamayim, it then increase in size, and occupy half of Shamayim from above. As it moves upward, one territory converts itself into the shape of a pyramid and moves to the centre where Mizbeach-Halal was.

Then Boqer flies to the Pyramid-like Territory and starts to dance; bouncing about the place.


I see! My lovely Boqer, you love there huh! You and your descendants shall dwell there for my glory forever.

Boqer flies to the highest part of the pyramid-like Territory in Shamayim and remains there.


Boqer, today I keep the Power of Order with you. It will stay with you until I am ripe to put it on in my full glory and reign forever.

The Power of Order appears beside Boqer. Ahavah covers Boqer with a light, and Boqer and the Power of Order become invisible.


Ahavah flies upward, disappears from Shamayim, and appears in Ab-Panim.



Ab-Panim, separate yourself into four parts.
(very strong metals come out of the walls of Ab-Panim and divide Ab-Panim into four levels (LEVELS ONE, TWO, THREE, AND FOUR). He flies to the lowest part of Ab-Panim (Level one) and smiles)



I name this place LEBAB.
(looks at the strong smooth ground of Lebab)
Let twelve seats come out of the ground.
(twelve seats come out of the ground of Lebab and a manse appears around the seats)



(flies up to Level Two of Ab-Panim and stands on the metal floor. He cut a piece of his apparel (it grows back)
Become twenty-four thrones.
(the piece of apparel becomes twenty-four seats. He opens wide his hands and looks up)
Twenty-four thrones of double authorities; I name this place MELTSAR.



(flies up to Level three of Ab-Panim, stand on its metal floor, cut a part of his hair (it grows back), and fold it with his both palms. Ahavah opens his palms and his hairs become dust. He then breaths on it, throws it on the ground and rocky soil appears in the whole place. He hits the ground with his fist and twelve rocks come out of the ground)
Twelve Rocks of power and might Live forever. I name this place GIBBOR.



(flies up to Level four of Ab-Panim, stands on its metal floor and spread his hands)
Let winds of extreme peace, love and my glory continue to live here forever. I name you QADOSH-AMMUD.
(Qadosh-Ammud becomes very white and calm. He spits on the ground of Qadosh-Ammud and a hollow hole opens from Qadosh-Ammud through Gibbor, Meltsar, and Lebab to Mizbeach-Halal of Shamayim)
I name this hollow; QADOSH-NABAB, through you shall I receive honour, requests, and praises from my creatures. You are the only way to me. Only when my presence is released shall you open.
(Qadosh-Nabab becomes red, closes, and disappears. This Hollow (Qadosh-Nabab) is invisible and only appears at a due time (worship hour). He disappears from Qadosh-Ammud and appears on his throne at Ab-Olam)




(sits on his throne and thinks about creating beings that will use what he has created)
It is right time I make living beings.
(looks down)
They will be like me and they will govern and dwell on all that I have made.
I will not interfere without a good reason.
(opens wide his hand)
They will have free will. When I am back to who I am; I will live with them, be their King, and they will be my people.
(smiles and disappears from his throne and appears in Yam-Esh. He gently plucks out twelve hairs from his head, wraps his hand around it with his power, and breath on it. He then deepens his hand into the fire and releases the pieces of hairs. Twelve Tick-Red-Burning-Stars form)
You are not created by accident but by my hand out of my will. Multiply in my presence.
(the Twelve Tick-Red-Burning-Stars multiplies into Twenty Four Trillion Stars)
Separate yourselves into six equal places.
(The red stars separate into six places; four Trillion stars in each place. he points at the first set of stars)
Set yourselves properly in Olam-Zaku.
(first set of red stars disappear from Yam-Esh and appear in Olam-Zaku. He points at the second set of stars)
Set yourselves properly in Olam-Machashebeth.
(second set of red stars disappear from Yam-Esh and appear in Olam-Machashebeth. He points at the third set of stars)
Set yourselves properly in Rahah-Kol.
(third set of red stars disappear from Yam-Esh and appear in Rahah-Kol. He points at the fourth set of stars)
Set yourselves properly in Olam-Chalam.
(fourth set of red stars disappear from Yam-Esh and appear in Olam-Chalam. He points at the fifth set of stars)
Set yourselves properly in Machar-Nogah.
(fifth set of red stars disappear from Yam-Esh and appear in Machar-Nogah. He points at the sixth set of stars)
Set yourselves properly in Machar-Araphel.
(sixth set of red stars disappear from Yam-Esh and appear in Machar-Araphel)
Very good.


Ahavah disappears from Yam-Esh and appears in Shahar. He points his two hands in different directions in Shahar. Walls and doors to each of the universes appear all around Shahar, but door to Shamayim appears above while that of Yam-Esh appears beneath Shahar.



(smiles and disappears from Shahar and appears on his throne at Ab-Olam)
Now, I do not need to leave my throne for anything. My spirit shall be my presence and shall do everything I need.
(smiles and relax his back on his throne)
My creatures shall glorify me forever. My happiness will come from their praises and they will express themselves freely to please me, to dress my wound until my son is back.
(sets forward his two hands and breathe upon it seven times. SEVEN BRIGHT ARMOURS; brighter than any light, appear before Ahavah and surround his throne)
My Spirit shall bring down my presence to all creatures.
(The Seven Armours then disappear (they become invisible but they are still present)