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There is no fairer life recorded in history than that of Stephen, excepting that of Christ. The character of Stephen presents a rare combination of strength and beauty, robustness and grace.


1. He was full of faith. Acts 6:5
2. He was full of grace. Acts 6:8, Christ was living His own life again over in Stephen.
3. He was full of power. Acts 6:8. But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you. Acts 1:8.
4. He was full of the word of God. This goes far toward explaining why he was also full of faith and grace and power.
5. He was full of the Holy Ghost. Acts 6:5, 10. The life of Christ was fully demonstrated in Him.
6. Stephen was also full of love. This is not worldly love but the Agape love of God. Acts 7:57-60
7. He was full of courage. Acts 7:51, 52. Praying for the salvation of his tormentors that God should not lay this sin to their charge. Acts 7:60
8. He was a man of prayer. Acts 7:60, that at this critical point in his life, he was still praying for himself and for others.


1.    His face shone like that of an Angel. Acts 6:15
2.    He preached with unanswerable wisdom and power. Acts 6:10
3.    He wrought great wonders and signs and the word of God increased and the number of the disciples increased in Jerusalem. Acts 6:7-8
4.    Men were “cut to the heart” by his preaching. Acts 7:54
5.    But this conviction on in this case did not result into conversion rather they gnashed upon him with their teeth. Acts 7:54
6.    The heavens were opened and he saw Jesus and the glory of God. Acts 7:56.