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The Meaning of Government

The subject Government is concerned with how human beings organise themselves for order and well being within a society. The term is also used to mean the machinery or an agency of the state charged with the responsibility of organising and managing the affairs of the State both internally and externally and to administer its functions and duties for the overall interest of its citizens.

According to Appadorai (1978), government may be defined as “the agency or machinery through which the will of the State is formulated. expressed and realised.” The term government may sometimes be applied to the men who form the supreme administrative body of a Country, as in the expression, the government of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Government is the term applied to the Political organisation of the state. Usually, it refers to the procedure of organising the state such as Nigeria or Japan or of subdivision such as municipal or local government. In this case, people will as expected identify themselves as one in the Nation-State society. The major problems and controversies associated with government are not agreement concerning what constitute government but how government can be effectively organised to meet the needs of the people in a state which is politically organised.