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The murderer is FEAR

The greatest murderer on Earth is FEAR. Once you feel it, it will create a “false positive” in your direction, something like “there is no way or hope”. But when you put in some effort and face your fear you’ll discover that there were many ways and hope in your direction, only that you didn’t pay attention to your heart…

Sometimes you think something is very difficult to do and when you suddenly give a try and its done you discover that FEAR only scammed you and tried to murder you and your happiness.

My advice “Don’t give up on your dreams yet, because i only know we give up when we die. When you feel that FEAR, don’t think much in order to help your heart stay healthy, just sleep and when you wake up try to give your hope another piece of chance to face that fear again, because if you give up, you robbed yourself of the possibility of making a difference.”

Best wishes of super-extreme success on your path always…!