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The Oath (2)



All the Angels and Archangels are sitting quietly on the tiered seats of Mizbeach-Halal, listening and looking at the Elders on the platform.


A screen appears in front of all the statically immobilized demons and they are seeing Shafat making an announcement in Mizbeach-Halal through the screen.


A great purpose has been placed upon three persons who will choose to accept these tasks. A world of humans portraying Man and Woman; male and female, is about to begin, which will redeem your people who are now repented demons.
If you chose to accept, they shall become part of this kingdom again. It is a sacrifice and a new beginning: for you will become a soul; you will start afresh on the planets in Olam-Chuphshah. This mission will not commence unless three persons from the holy side accept to go before others.
The first male, which is a Man, will be placed on Earth and be given a Seed of life because it is in the appearance of Man that the Most High’s Son will come.
(angels murmur)
As an Earth Man, with the Seed of life, you are the owner of the entire universe; Olam-Chuphshah, until the Most High’s Son come.
All the repented demons will be born in other planets, but selected repented demons and holy beings will possess earth since that is where the Most High’s Son will be born. We don’t want to corrupt earth if something goes wrong along the way.
(smiles shortly)
The Man, together with the Woman shall become one, for the purpose of the Woman is to give birth to souls into Olam-Chuphshah and the Man shall be her head.
(keeps a mean face)
For Earth beings; If you lose the Seed, all the humans or repented demons on other planets will be destroyed;
(glances at Gabriel)
But their souls will be safe, however, other unborn repented demons will be born through you to Earth. Then, wickedness will arise in them, they will corrupt you and together; you’ll all go to Yam-Esh forever. Once the Seed is lost, you’ll begin to taste and hunger for food. However, we will make sure that the materials for making food are available, but Man shall cultivate it and take care of the Woman for through her shall all souls and the Most High’s Son come. With that Seed, you will live forever in peace, without that seed which likely may happen. You will suffer for losing it intentionally because that’s the only means you can lose it, and yet, the Most High’s Son will still come through you and you’ll still suffer in Yam-Esh. I repeat, If it happens that you lose the Seed, life in all planets will be destroyed save Earth because that’s where the Most High’s Son will come through. If you lose the Seed, you will entirely be on your own and rule your world by yourself without our help because that’s what it implies, even other creatures that may accompany you there will be on their own; under freewill. Man will take the greatest responsibility of work; you will provide food for the Woman because you were in possession of the Seed. If the Woman helps the Man to lose the Seed, she will labour in pain, which is her greatest purpose and the Man will sweat in the field of work to eat, for without sweat; no food. All you’ll do is taste for evil and have pride in it.
Hmm… which of course, you know, pay for your evil deed by death and suffering in Yam-Esh forever. So, we’ll need three volunteers from the holy side. See, it doesn’t matter if you were a holy being like you are now; once you become a Man and you lose the Seed of life, you’ll go to Yam-Esh as well. The possibility of losing the Seed is that you won’t be able to recognize your past life, which is this one. But if you become good and refuse to let evil overtake your heart, you’ll be pardoned and can enjoy your glory again when the Son of the Most High comes. This means that you can feel pains for a very long time, live shortly, fall sick, and become weak, and when you die in evil; your soul becomes the property of death and Yam-Esh. That shouldn’t scare you because you will possess the ability to identify good and evil, but all these evil things will happen only if you lose the Seed which I don’t think you may. However, this is an exception for messengers that shall carry a message from us to you as time goes on just in case something goes wrong. So, this great sacrifice can amount to a great reward once it’s done. But do not be afraid as we will guide you. For through you, shall the Most High’s Son comes. For the three persons that shall volunteer for this task; two shall become Man and Woman on earth. The other shall become a Woman who will carry the Most High’s Son in her womb into that world at the right time; on earth as well. Nevertheless, we are not imposing this on you. It is in your discretion to accept or reject this to happen. So, having listened to me,
(exhales heavily)
who will go?
(silence befalls Mizbeach-Halal for a while)
Remember! It is through your sacrifice shall our Father’s Son comes.

Suddenly, Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel fall on their faces and the sky thunders.

(in unison)
I accept the great cause. Father send me; I will go.

(through the mind to the Elders)
Everything is now simple.
(The Elders glance at each other and nod with a smile.)

(through the mind to the Elders)
The very right people.
Come forward!
(Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel appear before the Elders and kneel.)
We will make sure that the Seed is never stolen from you. Now, here is the good news, we will imprison Satan and his demons for eternity and you all will be free forever.
(the whole crowd applaud the Elders)
Yeah, we will do that.
(faces the crowd)
Let everyone stand!

(everyone stands. The Elders surround Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel.)

A great day.

The Most High’s Son is surely coming, I’m glad.

Shafat draws a triangular line around Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel. Rosh-Seraph (unseen by anyone except by the Elders) appears in the midst of the Elders and stands behind Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel in the triangle.

(a bottle of oil appears in his the right hand)
Blessed be upon you for accepting this task. The Most High shall gain his happiness through your sacrifice and your glory shall never cease as you accept to take this cup.
(walks to Fachiel and pour the oil on his head)
I anoint you this day as a vessel of love through which the Most High’s Son shall come to his glory. Therefore, the Elders name you;

(in unison)
Adam, the father of earth-life.

(walks to Evriel and pour the oil on her head)
I anoint you this day as a vessel of love through which the Most High’s Son shall come to glory. Therefore, the Elders name you;

(in unison)
Eve, the mother of earth-life.

(walks to Kushiel and pour the oil on her head)
I anoint you this day as a vessel of love through which the Most High shall manifest his glory and bring forth his Son who will rule over all life and become king forever. When he comes, he shall be the light for all life forever. You shall remain a virgin until the Son of the Most High come for He is the next Lucifer. Therefore, the Elders name you;

(in unison)
Mary, the light bearer.


The universal council of Olam-Chuphshah are in their meeting with Satan and his Executives. Satan’s staff and the slightly glowing wall is providing light for the council.

(to the council)
I know that some of your demons are no longer with us.
(the council murmurs)
(silence befalls the council)
They can’t come here with us and start this war, then go back seeking for redemption. We won’t let that happen.

How can we bring them back when they’re probably under the Elders’ protection right now?


With the way they were, they are ready to oppose us with all they’ve got in order not to come back here again.

We can force them if we threaten to crush them.

Not all of them truly wanted to go back, most of them felt tensed around us, probably because of their sudden appearance and how it didn’t affect the leaders, while others felt deceived, so their minds are made up.

Does that mean what I’m thinking?

What are you thinking?

That our intervention can turn the partially made up minds around?

They won’t come back, but no matter what they do or become, their true nature will accompany them.

(laughs loudly as others look at her with a surprised look on their faces)
They are going to ruin Shamayim! Hahahaha!
(keeps a mean face)
Why is everybody looking at me?
Okay, we’ll hunt them or probably fight them.

We may not be successful in battle against them if Shamayim is behind them now.

(glances at Paimon and nods)
I believe that. Let’s look for another way because we must all finish this together. No one will betray us by running back to Shamayim.

Some of my men whom you pushed to Yam-Esh would have been with us now, if…

Let the past go! Think of the future and see how you can get there using what is present.

If we’re not going to use our forces to bring them back, which other possible means can we use?

For now none. I want everyone to go and think about that. Dismiss!


The Elders are standing before the repented demons. The Archangels are standing behind the Elders.


All the angels are looking at the Elders and Archs at the gate through a big oval screen on the platform.


Shafat walks to the right corner of the gate and pins a pole having a curved point at its centre. Fachiel, Evriel and Kushiel are standing before the demons.

This is the doorway to Olam-Zaku; a place for infant souls. You will come forward one after the other, place your head on the curved side of this rod and read the Oath of Redemption. Through this shall all of you and others that may repent to join you later get redemption. This rod shall stand a witness to you for your actions throughout your life on Earth if the Seed gets missing. Whereas starting from when you take the oath, all your life in Olam-Chuphshah will be recorded as testimony after you. Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel will go before you. Since they’re holy beings, they’ve taken their oath already by accepting to go, so, they will go together, after then, the rest of you will go one after the other.
(looks at the rod and the rod starts to glow)
This is the beginning.

(in unison)
Let the ritual begin!

Fachiel, Evriel and Kushiel stand around the pole, kneel and place their heads on the curved point at the centre of the pole. Suddenly, a winding doorway opens and swallows them; they shrink and turn into babies as they go through the winding doorway going to Olam-Zaku.


Three Womb-like matter becomes red, representing Fachiel, Kushiel and Evriel.


(looks into the sky)
They’re now souls, waiting for the day of birth into a new life.
(faces the repented demons)
Your turn.

A centaur walks to the pole, kneels and places its head on the curved point of the pole.

I am sorry O Most High for putting you into distress. I deserve to be punished for my wrongdoing. Nevertheless, I want to come back to you. As I go through the only way that is, in order to come back into your presence, whatever good outcome or suffering that may await me in my second life, I accept it in good fate.

Suddenly, a winding doorway opens and swallows the centaur. The centaur shrinks and turns into a baby as it goes through the winding doorway to Olam-Zaku.


A Womb-like matter becomes red, representing the centaur (repented-demon).


Another repented-demon walks to the pole.

(to the Archs and Elders)
Let us go now. We’re done with them.