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The Origin (1)

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In darkest night; deep in space of no stars, moons or any object, a planet appears pale. Gradually it uncovers itself, but the birth of this planet is unknown. This mysterious spherical planet possesses a dark-grey sky, and a stable sea; a planet without a star or moon (the first ever planet), which lives in darkest space (the Mother space).

Fire trees provide light for this planet. The soil is in multiple-colours while the white sands are more common than any other soil on the surface of the planet.

The leaf of the trees of this planet illuminates bright glittering lights. These trees are fire trees; they are responsible for the day and night on the planet. The roots of these trees are reddish in colour because of its hotness.

These fire-trees have forty-five height-levels and each level represent an hour. When an hour burns out, the tree becomes shorter. After forty-five hours of lights on the trees (which makes up the day), the trees would become very short, and the lights would become dimmer as it nears the ground, and sinks into the ground.

Everywhere becomes very dark after the trees sunk into the ground. The grey sky had stored some light energy during the day, so it begins to gradually brighten up, and the planet has a faded light (like the light of the moon), self-produced by the sky.

Immediately, fresh green plants begin to germinate at the very spot where the fire trees were. These new trees grow within forty-five hours, these period makes up the night. So, when the trees grow very high they light up gradually until they become very bright (morning-afternoon). Ninety hours makes a full day.

After forty days, a Red light appears on the trees and that makes up a week.

After One hundred and sixty days, three Red lights will appear on the trees. When this happens, it means a month.

Finally, after every forty-five months, three bright pure-white lights will appear on the trees. That means it’s a year.

There is a tree at the centre of the planet that grows first and sinks last; It’s the mother tree because it grows very huge and its branches are very large as well. The waters on this planet are good for survival.

At the centre of the white lands, the ground starts to grow gradually and slowly that in seven days, it becomes a heap of white sands. After a while, this heap of sands begin to be glittering from the inside, day and night. In another seven days, the heap of sand bursts open. A naked young man (in flesh and blood exactly like a human) is lying in the middle of the heap of sands; the firstborn of the planet.

After another seven days, this young man begins to breathe, and slowly moves some sensitive parts of his body.
In another seven days, the young man opens his eyes. He gently sits up; cover his eyes with his right hand and stands. He stretches his legs and hands, looks at his body, and touches his chest.



He names himself Yeshua. Yeshua learns to walk and run then laugh at the top of his voice as he runs. Though he completely looks like a human, he is without a phallus.


Yeshua sits on the ground on a field. His body is covered with long hairs from his head, and his beards are very long as well. These hairs cover and hide his face and skin. He ties his white long beards around his body. His fingers are very long and strong.


(with a deep voice)
I have journeyed around this world. Everything is perfect.
(lies down)
This world gave birth to me and gave me everything I needed.
(stands, expand his hands, and look into the sky)
Everything about this world is Love. I name you AHAVAH.

In the night, Yeshua plucks fruits from the body of the growing trees in the garden to eat. He eats one fruit, and as the fragments of the fruit pass through his oesophagus, it becomes light and shines wherever it passes. He lies down and covers himself with a big leaf.

In the morning, Yeshua wakes up from a very long sleep.


I have to work today.
(takes a very big fruit on the ground and eat)
Hah! This will carry me for the whole day.
(smiles and looks at his hairy body)
Hahaha! Life is lovely, I love my home and I must develop it. I think that’s what I can do to pay back.


Eternal life is good,
In the world of Love.
Love is all that matters,
In the world of Love.
Eternal life is good,
Love is all that matters.
It is best to love the
world that offers Love.
Love is all that matters,
In the world of Love.
I am grateful for my life,
In the world of Love.
Eternal life is good,
In the world of love.
Life is good and happy,
In the world of Love.



Now, I will build a house for myself.

Yeshua starts to dig the ground with his hands to get mud. A few days later, he has finished his house built with mud.


How I wish this house was beautiful than this.
Well, I’ll manage this but NOT FOR LONG.

//Yeshua has unknowingly cursed his house; his very first creation//

Three flashes of light occur in the sky, confirming Yeshua’s statement. Night comes; He enters his mud house, lies down and sleeps.

In few hours’ time when Yeshua is fast asleep, flashes of light start to reflect on his face. He opens his eyes and sits very quickly with a surprised look on his face. Everywhere is bright. The door to the outside is a bit open such that he can see through.


Where am I?
(stands and walks towards the big door. He pushes the door and runs outside)



(stops at a distance and looks at the environment)
But this is my place!
(turns around, and sees a very big and tall magnificent white building standing in front of him)
Wow! This is great!
I love this.


Yeshua is fast asleep on a big glittering golden bed. The wall of the room is glassy and illuminating different colours of light. Suddenly, he opens his eyes.


Today will be a busy day for me. It’s time for work.

Yeshua stands from the bed and opens the door. A big platter of fruits flies to him. He takes only two fruits and eats.
Yeshua walks into a small room. Water sprays all over his body. He walks into another room. A breeze blows on his body from the walls of the room and all his hairs stand and cover the whole room. He does not need to go through the big door to go outside. He walks to an open space in the house and light covers him.

A bright light shines in front of the house and Yeshua walks out of the light (that is, he travelled through the light to the outside). He starts to walk away from his house.

There is a hill at a very far (about seven miles) distance ahead, He runs towards the hill. All his hairs stand as he runs. His speed increases that he mysteriously gets to the hill very quickly.


Wow! How was that possible?
(looks at his feet)
I love you, friend.
(turns his face to the right, sees a very bright tree that is brighter and taller than other trees)
I must know why this tree is unique among other trees.
(walks to a field and sits on the field)
All right, I’ll wait till nightfall.



(stands and walks to the tree. The tree is growing gradually)
My goodness!
This tree doesn’t bear fruits?
(looks around and sees a very big single leaf near the tree.)
Oh! There’s your fruit huh?
(picks up the leaf and eats it. His hairs stand, light runs through his hairs and lifts him up)
(runs to his house and as he enters the porch of his house, a bright light covers him)