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The Pastor and his God – his High Calling

A . He is God’s representative to men. II Cor. 5:20. “We are ambassadors of Christ- God did beseech you by us – we pray you in Christ’s stead”. I Cor. 4:1 – Stewards of the mysteries of God.”

B. A true minister is God’s gift to needy mankind. He is God’s representative on earth. Through his heart, God’s love is manifested; through his life God’s goodness is shown; through his hands God’s work is done; through his lips God’s message is told. As such, he should be unafraid of temporal powers and bold in  his God to proclaim the divine message.

C. He is “Called” not hired. Heb.5:4 – “and no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God”.
1. A true minister will never be hired to please the people.
2. He is called to please God. It is God’s business to separate men unto the Gospel.

D. He is a prophet. “The Lord was with him, and’ did let none of his words all to the ground. “
1. His words to humanity should be God’s words from Heaven.
2. God speaks through him. He is a “forth-teller”. The messenger is not important in himself, but his message is all in all.
3. He is a ‘Voice “, a loud speaker for the divine broadcast.

E. He is a Shepherd. I Peter 5:2, “Feed the Flock of God”. The Hebrew word is ‘Raah’ and the Greek word is ‘Poimen’, meaning one who tends a frock, and is the same word as pastor. The Pastor is tender, loving shepherd working under the guidance of the Chief Shepherd. As such, he is responsible before God for all the sheep. He is a leader, not a driver. He is willing to lay down his life for the sheep. Patience and watchfulness are prime virtues for a shepherd.

F. He is an Exam le. ITim.4:12 – “Be thou an example of the believers “.
1. His life should be a plain example of the way the Gospel works in human nature. Like a divine pattern moulded in human clay,
2. His life should be the pattern for lives.

G. He is a Servant. II Cor. 4:5 – Ourselves your servant for Jesus sake. Following in the footsteps of His Divine Master, the Pastor is a humble Servant. He lives to Serve. He dies to live and becomes great by humbling himself. He has no working hours, pension nor retirement. He is acquainted with human grief and carries in his own heart the burdens of human grief and carries in his own heart the burdens of hundreds of hearts.

H. He is a minister. Isa. 61:6-“Men shall call you the Ministers of our God”. With Holy hands he takes the bread of life and breaks it, giving freely to hungry people. His life is a ministry, not a career. His reward is a crown, not the headlines.


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