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The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit

(Tenets Nos. 5 and 6)

1. What are some of the names given to the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures?
The Comforter, the Spirit of Holiness, and the Spirit of Truth. (John 14:26, Rom. 1:4, John 14:17)

2. What are some of the Scriptural emblems of the Holy Spirit?
He is referred to as Water, Fire, Wind, a Dove and a Seal. (John 7:38-39, Matt. 3:11, Acts 2:2, Matt. 3:16, Eph. 1:13)

3. Is the Holy Spirit a person?
Yes. He is a person (John 14:17,26)

4. What is the work of the Holy Spirit in the sinner?
He convicts of sin, leads to repentance, and gives life in New Birth. (John 16:7-11, John 3:5-8)

5. What is the work of the Holy Spirit in relation to the believer?
He leads into all truth. He sanctifies the Believer. He baptizes him into the Body of Christ. He conforms him to Christ’s image. (John 16:13, Gal. 5:22,23, Rom. 8:13,14,29)

6. What does the Holy Spirit do for the Church, the Body of Christ?
He distributes His Spiritual gifts throughout the Church, according to His own will. And for the Church’s benefit, preparing the Church for the return of our Lord. (1st Cor. 12:4-11, 1:7, Eph. 5:26-27)

7. How does the Spirit manifest Himself as Comforter?
By indwelling and testifying of Christ, He comforts, leads, teaches and shows us things to come. (John 14:16, 15:26, 14:26, 16:13)

8. How does the Spirit manifest Himself as Teacher?
By guiding into all truth and bringing the truth to remembrance. (John 16:13, 14:26, 1st Cor. 2:13)

9. How does the Spirit manifest Himself as a Guide?
By leading the believer and the Church in righteousness and wisdom, in the service of Christ. (Gal. 5:16,18, Acts 16:6,7, 15:28)

10. Did Jesus intend that the indwelling by the Spirit be a practical one?
Yes. For all Divine enabling for service depends upon the Spirit’s coming and indwelling. (Luke 24:29, Acts 1:4,8)

11. By what outward evidence did the Holy Spirit reveal His arrival, when He came to indwell the believer?
He caused those on whom He descended to speak with other tongues and to magnify God. (Acts 2:4, 10:46)

12. Was the shedding forth of the Holy Ghost according to the Divine purpose?
Yes. He was long promised by the Father, and Jesus prayed the Father to send Him. (Acts 2:16,18, John 14:16)

13. Had the Holy Spirit’s coming to indwell the believer any connection with the work of Christ?
Yes. Jesus said, “If I go not away the comforter will not come unto you.” (John 16:7, Acts 2:33)

14. What was the Holy Spirit’s work in relation to Christ?
He brought about Christ’s incarnation, empowered His ministry on earth, sustained Him on the cross and raised Him from the dead. (Luke 1:35, 43:18, Heb. 9:14, Rom. 8:11)

15. What is the Holy Spirit’s work in relation to the Father?
Eternally proceeding from the Father, it is His blessed work to carry forth the Divine purpose. (John 15:26)

16. What were some of the things of that Divine purpose?
He was active in the work of creation, the Divine Agent in the incarnation of Christ, the Author of the Holy Scriptures, and the Regenerator of mankind. (Job 26:13, Gen. 1:2, 2nd Pet. 1:21, Luke 1:35, John 3:3,6).