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The Possibility of Falling from Grace

(Tenet No. 10)

1. What do the Scripture mean by “grace”?
Grace is God’s free and unmerited favour shown to sinners through the atoning death of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:11, John 3:16)

2. Does the grace of God relate itself to our will?
Yes. Grace is God strengthening the yielded will of the believer for “by grace are ye saved through faith…”. (Eph. 2:8)

3. Is the provision of Grace sufficient to keep us from ever falling?
Yes. Through Christ’s indwelling, the believer is enabled to submit to the will of God so that he need never fall. (Jude 24, Phil. 2:13)

4. Does this provision make it impossible for the believer to fall?
No. But it does make it improbable. Nevertheless, he is responsible to obey the Christ that dwells in him, for saving faith worketh by love, and faith without works is dead. (John 14:23, Gal. 5:6, James 2:20)

5. Is a man once save, saved forever?
God has made provision for an everlasting salvation. But we continue in it only as we abide in Christ. (John 15:6, 1st John 5:18)