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The Reasons Why We Adore God

1. We adore him because He created us. Psalm 100:3. The God who brought us into existence is worthy of our adoration. And the Bible says that every Creature in heaven, on earth and in the sea and under the earth do adore Him. Rev. 5:13.

2. We adore him for his majesty. The Almighty God, posses the quality of no comparison, As such He deserves our adoration. Isa. 24:14. “they shall lift up their voice “they shall sing for the majesty of the Lord”

3. We adore Him because of His glory. “yea they shall sing in the ways of the Lord, for great is the glory of the Lord. Psalms. 138:5.

4. We adore Him because of His excellency. “Praise the name of the Lord for His name alone is excellent”. Psalms 148:13.

5. We adore God because of His greatness. Remember that it is written, “great is the Lord, and greatly to be praise” Psalms 145:13.

6. We adore Him for His holiness. It is said that He is glorious in holiness. Exo. 15:11.

7. We adore Him because of His wisdom. The being who designed the universe is wise. Dan. 2:20, “for wisdom and might are His”.

8. We adore Him because of His power. The power that brought everything into existence is above human comprehension “be thou exalted Lord in thine own strength, so will we sing and praise thy power”. Psalms 21:13.

9. We adore God because of His goodness. The being who allow His goodness to be enjoyed by all His creature is wonderful. Psalms 107:8 “Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness”.

10. We adore God for His mercy. Even when man failed in Eden, He still came down to provide for Adam because of His mercy. 11Chro. 20:21 “His mercy endureth for ever”.

11. We adore God because of His loving kindness and truth. “… And praise thy name for thy loving kindness and truth” Psalms 138:2.

12. We adore God because of His faithfulness. “O Lord, thou art my God; … Thy counsels of old are faithfulness… “Isa. 25:1.

13. We adore God for providing man salvation. Salvation is the greatest achievement on earth “blessed be the Lord God of Israel… for He has visited… an horn of salvation. Lk. 1:68-69.

14. We adore God because of His wonderful works. His works are numerous and they can never be quantified. “Oh that men would praise the Lord…..for His wonderful works to the children of men” Psalms 107:8.
– David when saved from Abimenek wrote Ps. 34:1-5
– Peter when saved from Prison Custody, Acts 12:7, 17

15. We adore Him for He lives forever and ever. For the fact that God has no beginning and no ending we ought to adore Him into eternity. Rev. 5:13-14.