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The Youths and Evangelism (Outlines)

a. The Fall of Man

The question may be asked, why do we want to Evangelize? And the answer is that man has fallen away from the original programme of God. Rom. 3:23.

God created man in His own image and the likeness with the intent that man will have dominion and ruler-ship over His earthly creation. Gen. 1:26.

Theologically, Satan was not happy about this action of God. He operated through the serpent and became the agent to cause the fall of man. Gen. 3:1-21.

b. The Subtlety of Satan

1. Satan did not appear in his own image but incarnated the serpent. Gen. 3:1.
2. Satan made the attack when Adam and Eve were apart. There is power in unity. Be very careful when your partner (married) is away.
3. At this point, Eve might have been close to the tree. Do not keep close to the scene of temptation. It is written, “Flee also youthful lust”. 2nd Tim. 2:22. Also, avoid friends of questionable character. 2nd Cor. 15:33.
4. Satan presented the temptation through legal appetites – desire for food and knowledge. He does that today too. 1st John 2:15-17, Matt. 4:1-4.
5. Satan began his attack by casting doubt upon the Word of God, “yea, hath God said, ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Gen. 3:1. Do not converse with Satan rather quote the scriptures against him.” Matt. 4:3-4.

c. The Redeemer of Mankind

The Lord Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of mankind. Eph. 1:7. God will not sit down tight and allow His enemy to escape with this attack on His eternal programme. As he came down to address the issue in the Garden of Eden, he promised man a Saviour – that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of Satan. Gen. 3:15. Unto Adam also and his wife did the Lord make coats of skins, and clothed them. Gen. 3:21, the animal whose blood was spilt was completely innocent of the cause of its death. This was a type of symbol of Christ who gave His life for the sheep. John 10:11. Today, every child of God is justified through the precious blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross. The true fact is that no human being can be qualified to enter heaven that has not been purified by His blood.  Rev. 7:14.

d. The Church of Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ is the founder of the church. Matt. 16:18. When Jesus never came into the world physically, there was no church in the entire world. The whole world were called the gentiles; worshipping the devil in one form or the other, groping in darkness. The Lord promised to build the church and gates of hell shall not prevail against it. He gave His life that He might found the church. Eph. 5:25.

e. The Definition of the Church

The CHURCH in our Bible is “ecclesia” in the original Greek scriptures and means “an Assembly of called out ones” it is more properly translated “ASSEMBLY” as more correct versions render it. The word CHURCH or “ecclesia” is first found in Matthew 16:18, and was spoken of the Lord when He said to Peter, “thou at Peter (Petros – Greek ‘a little rock’) and upon this rock (Petra-Greek, ‘a big rock’) meaning himself, i will build my Church”. In this context, I will build refers to the future, not ‘have built’ but ‘I shall build’. Note the Church is built on Christ and not Peter.

The Church got its official Birthday in Acts 2; on the day of Pentecost. While the Lord was on earth, He was not forming the Church but presenting Himself to Israel as their King and Messiah and gathered a remnant of true believers and disciples around Himself, while the leaders of Israel rejected Him more and more. These faithful believers existed as individual followers of Christ and become the nucleus of the Church at its foundation on the day of Pentecost. Acts 2:1-12.

In that day; they were baptized by the descended Spirit into the Body of Christ. 1st Cor. 12:13.

f. Names Given to Members of the Church

1. Believers – Acts 4:32
2. Saints – Acts 9:13
3. Brethren – Acts 12:17
4. Christians – Acts 11:26, 26:28
5. Elect – Mk. 13:27, Rom. 8:33

g. Description of the Church

1. God’s workmanship – Eph. 2:10
2. Citizens of God’s Kingdom – Eph. 2:19
3. Members of God’s Household – 1st Tim. 3:15
4. Temple of God – Eph. 2:20
5. Bride of Christ – Eph. 5:25,32
6. Body of Christ – 1st Cor. 12:27, Col. 1:24
7. Temple of The Holy Spirit – 1st Cor. 3:16-17
8. Household/Family – Eph. 2:19
9. The Flock of Christ – John 10:27

As God has given us definite information about the Church, we should now understand that the Church has special duties to perform in this generation.

by E.T. Dodoh.