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This is the extension of total governmental control over the totality of social life. Under this form of organisation, everything is subordinated to the central government. The total goal of the regime includes the permeation of peace and international co-operation. In the conduct of foreign policy, totalitarian regimes employ such technique as threats, spies,etc. This transcends the conduct of normal diplomacy and undermines confidence in it.

Characteristics of Totalitarianism

1. There is an official ideology to which all citizens are expected to subscribe. This is usually communism.
2. There is a single mass party which monopolises appointments to public office.
3. The government monopolised the mass media such as Radio, Television, and Newspapers. This is to ensure that no other ideas spread.
4. Judges are subject to Political control.
5. The government relies heavily on coercion to enforce its desires. There is usually a secret police and spy network on citizens’ activities.
6. The government has a monopoly of weapons.
7. The government centrally directs the Economy.
8. Government employs massive propaganda to weaken opponents.