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Types of Evangelism other than Face-to-face Discussion (Preaching) in This Generation

First; evangelism is the reaching out to the gentile nations or communicating with a non-religious individual with the word of God in other to convert him/her to believe your Christian beliefs.

A church without evangelism is a dead church because even Christ taught and evangelizes Himself. Now let us treat the basic tools for an effective evangelism without direct Gospel-preaching.


In this generation, it is surprising that our youths no longer only listen to sermons or a sound sermon to repent but want to be in a comfortable environment before repentance. In a well-built and organized church with a decorative and good surrounding environment; Youths and adults will troop into that church regularly to pay a little visit, but may be trapped in, due to its relaxed and healthy environment. You might find this, very difficult to believe but it’s true.

Do not be surprised when you see a good number of people in a well-developed church, because that is how the house of God is supposed to have been.


It is certain that the life of a good and a faithful Christian can convert a pagan fellow. If a faithful believer could live by example, his/her life-style would convert many to look up to being like him/her. One who practices this type of evangelism must be generous and kind hearted to others who do not know God, by displaying a good character and showing real love to everyone. Honestly, living a transparent, good and enjoying life-style is fun. Therefore, make the Bible transparent through your character to display Christ through your life-style out to the whole wide world if possible.


A giving church is a living church. You can buy a few copies of the Bible and share for free to anyone who would repent. Sometimes a living church can apply this system of evangelism. In the year 2006AD; some new churches, popularly known today, came to one part of Africa and began to share foodstuffs like “half bag of rice” to every poor family in that vicinity; then people began to join those churches and know them as nice churches. When the news began to spread round Africa, many people began to attend its programs day and night, and today those churches are well populated.


This is one of the most exuberant part or type of evangelism, which is very important in this modern era, as far as science is concerned. The use of musical instruments is the major criteria that the derivation of emotional evangelism was brought out. Mostly, adults are not that affected emotionally when it comes to religion, rather, youths are at the highest risk of emotional response to musical instruments and performance. Therefore causing them to go into degradation from their parental church. There are churches that believe in this fact more than other churches. Those churches never have time to go out and preach the gospel but to buy standard musical instruments; this act would make those churches that care little about musical instruments to lose their members, most especially the youths. This would become a big problem to them (under-developed churches) because they may not be financially buoyant to purchase such musical sound system. Therefore, this is a very important type of evangelism in this modern time and generation. Paul said, “When among the Jews I behave like a Jew, so that I might give the good news to them….” (1st Cor.9:20). So in this era, this is also a type of evangelism and this will be good for a true church to practice it. Currently, the world loves music so if you do not adapt to the music pattern but in a Christian or biblical way also, you may begin to lose members.


A church can decide to create job opportunities for her members by opening schools, hospitals, shops, super markets, home maternities, etc. and employ its members. In addition, in a church where merchant men are available; these men can be reached by the church administrators to help and employ members of that church in any vacancy in their company or firm. You will see that that church will grow rapidly. If a wealthy church just go to the street one cool day, and promise to give jobs or employ anybody who decide to become a permanent member of it in three days; you will see how numerous number of people will turn up to become a member of it, seriously speaking. Therefore, any church practicing this type of evangelism will encourage not only members of it, but also the entire surrounding environment/community where it is located.


This is probably one of the modern types of evangelism, which a modernized church could do by having regular Bible class, and present portable gifts to anyone who is able to answer five Biblical Questions correctly, not only that, but give every attendant free jotters to jot down what has been taught, providing free electric light, make the place look comfortable with ACs (Air-Conditions) just for people to come. Moreover, you will see people trooping into the church every week.


There are some churches which specializes on a specific teaching which is mostly the things troubling the youths. They treat and teach issues concerning:

– marriages,
– sex,
– courtship,
– divorce, etc. and questions like;
– What did God really say about these things mentioned above? As simple as that.

Base on the fact that they teach mostly the things that troubled the youths in this generation, they began to have a good number of people in their church. Moreover, this is a good and classic type of evangelism because they touch and teach every secret or private issue and the dangers of them openly, that made people to run away from other churches.


People can be changed or repent through the messages they come across on the internet, TV, newspapers, seen on their mail inbox, etc. This is called indirect communication system of evangelism because it deals with reading and no oral or face-to-face communication. This form of evangelism is one of the best ways of evangelizing, because one can be converted without any form of argument or quarrel. Although many people find it very difficult to read a book, especially in this era of civilization (because our early educated fathers do read their books always). Another way is through visual communication because many would deem it fit to watch the television most times. Nevertheless, if this system or form of evangelism is carried out systematically, the few who take their time to read or watch movies; may have a change in their lives. This could also be referred to as Evangelism by technology.


There are many, who through their neighbour’s good work repent from a bad behaviour and decide to live a good life. If a rich Christian who does good things to his/her surrounding environment where he/she lives; you will see that people would want to be like him and do whatever he does even attempt going to the same church where he/she goes. This is another form of evangelism. If you help your neighbour to provide some of his/her needs; he/she must learn to be like you at a point. The ‘Roman Catholic Church’ believes that one can be saved through good works, but one can be saved by grace from salvation, but in the aspect of evangelism; one can repent and then be saved when he/she accepts Christ whole-heartedly through the good works of his/her neighbour.


Of course, evangelism has many ways to inculcate humans to accept Christ. Saving life can transform the life of many into being a Christian; Jesus did this type of evangelism in his ministry also, by being in the form of man and came to die for man to redeem him from the bondage of sin.


In the Bible, our lord Jesus Christ did this type of evangelism and many souls repented. Even His disciples did miracles/signs and wonders to convert many into being a Christian. In this our generation, many church founding fathers win the heart of people with miracles, even in this very present era, souls are still been won by signs and wonders known as miracles. But this very type of evangelism cannot be done by all Christians unless one with the gift of miracles. All kinds, types, forms and ways of evangelism done by a Christian individual cannot be successful unless he/she has it as a gift of The Holy Spirit. This can also be called evangelism through deliverance.

Finally, there are others which may have popped into your head as you read this one. Act on it!