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Types of Pressure Groups

Pressure groups are classified as follows:

(a) Professional Pressure Groups:
These are formed by members of the same profession in order to promote the interest of their members and their profession, as for example, the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and many others.

(b) Labour Pressure Groups:
These are formed by workers to protect the economic and social well- being of members. It struggles for the improvement in working conditions, increase in wages, allowances and other fringe benefits, as for example, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Civil Service Union, etc.

(c) Business Pressure Groups:
This group is made up of businesses with the sole aim of promoting the interest of their members. A good example is the Manufacturers’
Association of Nigeria (MAN), Chambers of Commerce, etc.

(d) Agriculture Pressure Groups:
These are formed by Farmers and Agriculturists who come together in order to promote the interest of their members and advocate for the increase in prices of Agricultural products, as for example, Palm Produce Association, Cocoa Farmers Association, etc.

(e) Ethnic Pressure Groups:
These are groups formed on ethnic basis specifically to promote ethnic interest of members, as for example, Ohaneze in Igboland, Afenifere in Yoruba-land, Arewa Consultative Forum in the North, etc.

(f) Religion Pressure Groups:
These are formed along religious lines with the aim of protecting the interest of members. The religious group could be for the Christians, Moslems or others. Examples include Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), Islamic Council of Nigeria, etc.