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Wake up buddy!

Wake up!

I want you to look at the clock around you right now… It moves forward always and steady.

I want you to know that you’re getting older and closer to the grave every seconds it clicks and if you are busy procrastinating what you’re supposed to do now, remember that no one has lived forever and don’t think you’ll be the first to break such records.

My grandpa prayed for death in his 70s that he’s tired of living without been active as in the days of his youth. Maybe you’d pray for yours in your 500th if ever you’d get there before you ask for death.

Please your legacy is very important. This world needs you to leave a super good and unique legacy, because it is better to live for nothing or die for something you love.

Go after your dreams now you still have the courage to.

May God lead you all the way… Amen!