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What you should do about Trust

The most trusted people are your most vulnerable link when it comes to deep trust, in fact they are your weak points. Because if i want to convince, destroy or get in contact with you I’ll go through the people you ‘TRUST MOST (not just trust because you could trust many)’ because they are the next god to your heart, that is if i can’t get close to you in person or whatever (Look at this,


YOU – “I will always believe them

    {and funny enough}

they won’t attempt to lie to me

(probably this would be your thought}

Lol…). “

Secondly, do not let them know how much you trust them because if they discover you trust them very much then you’re at their mercy of not deceiving you (believe me, they can deceive you because they know you will always believe them).

Its very good to trust people but its never good for everyone (subject inclusive) to know that you deeply trust someone (the truth is you don’t know who is out there, and we’re not designed to read people’s heart).

I know this is going to sound somewhat weird, but there is a slight truth in it, that is if you don’t think so.

My advice is, “Trust people as much as you want but don’t make it too obvious in order to be on a safer side.” Thank you!